Finland is famous for its forests and lakes as you may know that Finland is the land of thousands lakes, and Finns love to enjoy their natural treasures by taking Staycations. The Finns also value their privacy, so they wouldn’t dream of spending their summer holidays in a hotel. Instead, they have a big summer cabin culture.

There are around half a million summer cottages (“mökki” in Finnish) in Finland and almost all Finns visit one at least once a year. The official statistic refers to traditional, basic cabins with a median size of about 40 square meters or less. As larger leisure homes don’t qualify, the actual number of cottages in Finland is likely much higher than 507,000.

Finns own a small summer house somewhere remote by a lake or the sea. Not only wealthy families, but virtually everyone who could get their hands on a piece of land somewhere built one and spent many weekends and summer holidays in perfect peace out in the Finnish forests.

“Spending time in mökki as I can say is like the way you get away from busy city life means leaving behind the stresses.”

“Enjoy nature, walk in the forest, picking mushrooms and berries, relieve quietness, sauna”

There are many activities which you can do during stay in mökki with your family&friends and leave the mökki to city life with happiness.

Waiting for the next holidays is not bad if It’s for mökki.

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