Mökki and Sauna

You are invited to take off your clothes, nothing to do with sexes and enjoy almost 100 Cº in the sauna.

Traditional saunas are heated by wood, burned either in a stove with a chimney, or by a stove with no chimney. The latter – a smoke-sauna – is the original sauna and believed by most Finns to be the best. The door is closed after the wood has burned down (and most of the smoke has escaped), leaving the embers to heat the sauna to the proper temperature, but giving a soft heat and the aroma of woodsmoke.

All saunas have a basket of rocks heated by the stove on which to throw water to increase the humidity. Called “löyly” in Finnish, the steam increases the feeling of heat and makes you sweat.

As Finns always say;
“The sauna is a poor man’s pharmacy”

Otherwise, there are few rules which you should follow;
1. Stay in as long as you feel comfortable.
2. When you come out of the sauna, jump into a lake, or roll in the snow.
3. Return to sauna and repeat all processes several times if you wish.

It’s never too hot in the sauna!

Stay in silence and hear the steam’s sound once you throw water on the stove is sometimes fun.

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