A Picker

Staying in the middle of nowhere like in Mökki which is surrounded by forest and lake would be tough for someone who doesn’t know what to do there. Walking into the forest would have some fun in there, especially in summer that mushrooms and berries are ready to pick.


Finnish forest is growing mushrooms and berries during summer time, waiting for the picker to pick it which is FREE of cost, no taxes.



But there are some few rules you should follow;

  1. Do not pick up mushrooms or berries that close to someone’s house.
  2. Do not destroy the berry tree. Pick it carefully! (As it free of cost, you should not destroy anything in a forest and lets it produce some more berries in the next season for you to pick again)
  3. Do not litter in the forest! If you carry something in the forest, take it back with you.



let’s get started now!

Take the bucket and see who would get more mushrooms and berries.

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